This XrmToolBox tool allows you to compare the data between two Microsoft Dataverse environments and resolve the mismatch (developed by Riccardo Gregori).

In most of the systems, the reference data is synchronised between different environment especially those data which is referenced in the system components like workflows/cloud flows, business rules, etc. But sometimes, the data might be created/updated in one environment but missed out to create in another one if there is no proper control and pipeline to promote.
To check what data is missing or having a different value, you can use this tool to compare and migrate missing data, delete unnecessary data and overwrite the outdated data.
  • Tool Information
  • Documentation (Built-in Help panel by pressing F1)
  • Functionalities
    • Compare the data between two environments (Fig. 2)
      • Connect to the environment 2 (Fig. 1, Pt. 1)
      • Load the tables and add the table for comparison (Fig. 1, Pt. 4) (Fig. 1, Pt. 5)
        • Use GUID or a column  (e.g. name column)/multiple columns (composite key) as row identifier for comparison (Fig. 1, Pt. 6)
        • Select columns to ignore during comparison (e.g. exchangerate, transactioncurrencyid) (Fig. 1, Pt. 7)
        • Specify whether to compare all rows or active rows only (Fig. 1, Pt. 8)
      • Executes the comparison between the tables specified (Fig. 1, Pt. 10)
    • View the comparison result summary (Fig. 2, Pt. 2) and details (Fig. 2, Pt. 3)
      • Download the comparison result as Excel file (Fig. 2, Pt. 1)  (Fig. 3)
      • Compare column values for matching rows with a different value  (Fig. 2, Pt. 7) (Fig. 4)
    • Resolve mismatching rows
      • Select and right-click row(s) missing in one of the environments (Fig. 2, Pt. 4)
        • Add an action to copy into the missing environment
        • Add an action to delete from the environment where the value exists
      • Select and right-click matching row(s) with different data (Fig. 2, Pt. 5)
        • Add an action to overwrite data from one of the environment
        • Add an action to delete from both environments
      • Apply the actions added previously (Fig. 5)
    • Additionally, the tool can
      • Show Help information for selected panel upon pressing F1 (Fig. 1, Pt. 2, 9)
      • Save the comparison configuration as a json file for future use (Fig. 1, Pt. 3)
      • Show logs and exceptions from the actions (Fig. 2, Pt. 6)
        • Allow copying of output logs to the clipboard (Fig. 6)
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Fig. 1 - Environment Comparer Tool Table Selection

Fig. 2 - Comparison Result Details of Data from Two Environments

Fig. 3 - Comparison Result Excel File

Fig. 4 - Record Info

Fig. 5 - Apply Actions

Fig. 6 - Copy Output Logs to Clipboard

This is part of the #TooLDR series where I test and review the tools for Power Platform. You can check out the information for the other tools on this page.


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