Script Errors Encountered after Field Service Upgrade to 8.x

In one of my projects, I suddenly encountered script errors after upgrading the Field Service solution from version 7.x to 8.x (the latest version). When loading the Quote and Product line item forms, the system shows the following error message:
Script Error

One of the scripts for this record has caused an error. For more details, download the log file.
Web resource method does not exist: FS.Quote.Library.Load
Upon further investigation, I found that the Display Name of the Quote Library is empty in the Form Properties.

And when I clicked Edit on the Quote.Library.js, the content here is empty too. This is what caused the error message popping up every time the form is loaded. 
Solution: As suggested by Microsoft Support engineer, the solution is to remove the deprecated/empty library (e.g. msdyn_/Quote/Quote.Library.js) add the library found in the Field Service Information Form (i.e. msdyn_/Quote/FieldService.Qu…

Access Flow Run History within a Record in Dynamics 365/CDS

As recommended by Microsoft, I have been creating automated flows instead of background workflows for a while now (obedient me!). But not being able to see the list of Background Processes related to the record is one of the things that I miss from the classic background workflows (especially when I am having an issue 🐛 with a particular record).
Although we no longer have the Background Processes associated view in Unified Interface anyway, I still wish I could still see the list of flow run history related to a particular record in a similar fashion as background process history. In that way, if there is an issue with a particular record, I can quickly go and check out the related flow runs instead of listing all runs in Run History, downloading the .csv file, 🤿 diving through all rows and looking for the record GUID to find that URL of a particular run (phew! 😅).
Note: If you want to see approval flows associated with a CDS entity record, you can use this awesome Appro…

Send Email to Unresolved Recipients in Dynamics 365 using Power Automate

There are times when you need to send an email to unresolved recipients in Dynamics 365. An unresolved recipient is an email address which is not stored in the system (i.e. not stored in contact, user, queue, etc.). Dynamics 365 has an option to allow messages with unresolved email recipients to be sent from the system. This option can be used in different scenarios such as sending to a particular email address (e.g. Email Address 2) of a Contact, sending a marketing email to the list of email addresses from the spambot, or even if you are too lazy to create a Queue for an email address and use it in flow (no judgement here 🤷‍♂️).

Problem Statement: A Contact can be associated to one or multiple Accounts and uses a unique email address for each Account that it belongs to. Email addresses that the Contact used are stored in the following fields: EmailEmail Address 2Email Address 3When there is an important announcement, the system must send out the announcement email to all 3 email addr…

How to Add Metadata to SharePoint Document Subgrid in Dynamics 365

As mentioned in the Dynamics CRM Tip Of The Day Tip #1185, you can customise the SharePoint document subgrid for server-side integration. At the time of publishing that post, the view was not customisable via solution explorer yet but in this forum answer, the Document Associated Grid of the SharePoint Document entity can now be editable via solution explorer.

These are the list of columns that you can add to the default Document Associated Grid of Model-driven Apps in Dynamics 365.

But what if you want to add another SharePoint column that is not available in the list? (e.g. Version of the document) What if you have created a new custom column in the SharePoint library and you want to show that that in the documents subgrid?
The good news is that you can show those columns by adding a new field to the Sharepoint Document entity. I got this tip from one of my colleagues, Chadi, who shared with me how he added the Version column to the SharePoint document subgrid.
In …