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The Return of Composite Address Control in Model-driven Apps – Now with Built-in Autocomplete Functionality

Early this year, Microsoft has announced the general availability of  address input control as part of geospatial features for canvas apps. But how about model-driven apps? Can we have a similar address input control for model-driven apps too? Capturing addresses is a common business scenario and address lookup functionality is preferred to be used in most of my projects to enhance the user experience, minimise user input error and ensure data integrity. We used to implement HTML web resources or PCF controls by using third party map APIs (Google Map, AddressFinder, NZ Post, etc.) to achieve the requirement with some development effort. On top of that, in terms of the UI, the composite address columns are displayed as individual form fields on the Unified Interface and they are no longer rendered as a nice composite address control as it was before in the legacy web client. When I set up a new trial environment of Dynamics 365 a cou

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