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[Bug] Using the ClearCollect() Function in PowerApps does not Pull any Lookup Columns from Common Data Service (CDS) Data Source

When I Collect from CDS Data Source into Collection in canvas app designer, the lookup fields are not being populated even though I can see the lookup values when I bind the data source to the data table.
This is the sample formula that I used
ClearCollect(ContactCollection, ShowColumns(Contacts, "fullname", "createdby"))
And this is the output collection without any data in the lookup column.
When I looked through how to resolve this issue, I finally found the forum thread above and the workaround solution suggested by one of the users is to use the AddColumns() and DropColumns() function to force the lookup field to be pulled.

You can also see the explanation of the workaround solution in the reply post the user mfco in that forum thread. Basically, what we are trying to achieve is to add a column from the data source of the looku…