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Power Apps Maker Portal vs Classic Solution Explorer - Feature Capability Comparison

With the introduction of Power Platform, we can now do entity configuration for Dynamics 365/CDS in two places – within the good ol' “Classic” Solution Explorer"(<OrgName> and now within the new Power Apps Maker Portal (

The Classic solution explorer has always been the place where we customise the system since the old Dynamics CRM days, and all system customisers with Dynamics background uses this up to this day. The Power Apps maker portal is where the Power Apps maker customises the Common Data Service, the model-driven apps and other Power Platform components. Since there are a lot of shared components between Power Apps and Dynamics 365, maker portal has been my preferred way to customise the system, especially with the introduction of the new WYSIWYG model-driven form designer and the new view designer for model-driven apps. I start my customisation from maker portal and only when I hit a roadb…

[Power Apps] New improvements in Embedded Canvas Apps which are undocumented / unannounced

Since the announcement of the general availability of embedded canvas apps in model-driven forms, we have not heard any update on the Embedded Canvas Apps space, no mention of it in the Power Platform: 2019 release wave 2 plan either. However, despite not hearing anything from Microsoft for any new features/improvements on the Embedded Canvas Apps, the product team has been busy working on it to streamline existing processes and add new/improve current functionalities.

The last update for the Guidelines on working with embedded canvas apps documentation was in 19th Aug 2019, and obviously, it is now outdated and several items are no longer valid since the new unannounced improvements were added. I also did not see anyone sharing those new improvements so that I decided to blog about it share the knowledge and hopefully, we will see the official announcement from Microsoft soon. Here are the new/improved functionalities that I found while working on embedded canvas apps as of Dec 2019.