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Not Able to Fetch Data with Dynamics 365 Report Authoring Extension during SSRS Development

When I first set up the report project in Visual Studio 2015 with Dynamics 365 Report Authoring Extension 9.0 to develop the SSRS report for Dynamics 365, I got the following error while trying to fetch the data using FetchXML and I could not find any solution by having a quick web search. After contacting Microsoft Support, I was given the resolution below and I hope it helps for those who encounter the same issue

SYMPTOMWhen you click "Refresh Fields" in the DataSet editor or when you try to run a query in the query designer, you receive the following error message: Cannot load Counter Name data because an invalid index '' was read from the registry.
Go to Start, type "cmd".Right-click on cmd.exe and choose ‘Run as administrator’. Type "lodctr /r" and press enter.Run the command in the following folder for 64-bit OS "C:\windows\SysWOW64> lodctr /r")You will then get the message ‘Info: Successfully rebuilt performance counter …