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List Down All JavaScript files and the Attached Forms with SQL Query

We can join DependencyNodeBase and DependencyBase tables to get the list of all JavaScript files and the Attached Forms in SQL Query.

SELECT DISTINCT WebResource.Name, Entity.Name, SystemFormBase.Name FROM DependencyNodeBase RequiredComponent INNER JOIN WebResource ON WebResource.WebResourceId = RequiredComponent.ObjectId INNER JOIN DependencyBase ON RequiredComponent.DependencyNodeId = DependencyBase.RequiredComponentNodeId INNER JOIN DependencyNodeBase DependentComponent ON DependentComponent.DependencyNodeId = DependencyBase.DependentComponentNodeId INNER JOIN SystemFormBase ON SystemFormBase.FormId = DependentComponent.ObjectId INNER JOIN Entity ON Entity.ObjectTypeCode = SystemFormBase.ObjectTypeCode WHERE WebResource.WebResourceType = 3 -- JavaScript
For CRM Online or those who doesn't have access to SQL, you might have to develop a console application to Get list of all Web Resources and loop through the collection and Track Dependency for each compo…