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Fix for CRM 2013 SP1 UR3 The product key is not compatible with the installed version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Today, when I setup the secondary front end server of the existing CRM 2013 system with SP1 UR3, I encounter the following error message.

The product key is not compatible with the installed version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

When I searched around the web with the error message, this is the first article in the results and the issue is quite similar to mine.

But trying out the resolution in the post didn't actually resolve my issue. May be it is the separate issue for CRM 2011.

After searching a bit further, I came across the following forum thread.
In the forum thread, Abacuse mentioned about the solution to integrate rollup to the RTM version.

Since my existing CRM 2013 system was installed with SP1 UR3, I extracted the UR3 of CRM 2013 SP1 file "CRM2013-Server-KB3016464-ENU-amd64.exe" w…

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Notebook

In this post, I am going to note down all the useful add-onsinformationtips and tools regarding with MS CRM 2013.

Advanced Find on record forms (CodePlex)
CRM Chart Map (CodePlex)
Custom Ribbon Button to get the Guid of the record
Dynamics CRM Custom Email - Email Templates for Custom Entities (CodePlex)
Duplicate Detection (CodePlex)
EasyNavigate SiteMap (CodePlex)
Form Message Web Resource (CodePlex)
Multi-Entity Search with SparkleXRM (GitHub)
Quick Navigation Web Resource (CodePlex) Quick View Menu (CodePlex)
Properties dialog Start Menu style navigation
Tool Tip Manager
tuneMultiCheckBox (CodePlex)

BPFHelper Library (CodePlex)
CrmRestKit.js (CodePlex) (How to)
PFE Core Library for Dynamics CRM (CodePlex)
SparkleXrm - Features (GitHub) (Code Snippets)
XrmServiceToolkit (JavaScript Library for MSCRM 2011 & 2013) (CodePlex)


Depreciated Features

2007 WebService EndpointCRM 4.0 Custom Workflow ToolsCRM 4.0 Client Side ScriptingCRM 4.0 PluginsDuplicate …