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Dynamics CRM Custom Email for CRM 2011 (Email Templates for Custom Entities)

Even though other functionality of the CRM are improved over the last version updates, email templates remains the same for CRM 4.0, 2011 and 2013 which only allows you to create an entity-specific template for a limited system entities.

To overcome that issue, all of the custom entity related e-mail templates are just configured in workflows and the maintenance of the e-mail template is a bit tough. Moreover, in order to allow the users to modify the templates without missing out any event during the workflow deactivation, we need to them according to the High Availability Workflows article of MVP Dave Berry.

So, the number of workflows are getting more and more since there is one dispatcher workflow and each child workflow is required for each e-mail template which resulted in almost a hundred workflows in the system.

Finally, Ramon Tebar came up with a solution called Dynamics CRM Custom Email for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. This utility provides several capabilities to extend the…

Difference between Setting OwnerId and AssignRequest in Create Plugin

Today, I encountered a strange issue. The problem was that the record is just showing security access error page once the user saves the record. The record is still available in the list view but upon opening the record, it is just showing the security access error page. The record owner is set as the current user’s team in Pre-Create plugin and the security access of the entity is User Level for that entity so that I am wondering why the user cannot view the record even though the team of the user is the owner of the record (which is the same for other existing records that the user can view).

After figuring out from the error log and trying out with other users, it’s found that the BU of the user is configured incorrectly which was the root BU and different from the team. So, what happened to the record on create was the OwnerId was replaced with the team by Pre-Create plugin but the objectBusinessUnitId remains the same as the creating user which resulting in inconsistency between …