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Hiding a Column Without Removing From a View in Model-Driven App

Sometimes, there is a requirement to hide a column from a view (main grid or subgrid view) even though the column is required for the view to be functional. Since the column is still required, it cannot be removed using the modern view designer. One of the examples is to hide the column that is used for sorting because it is showing up as a subtitle in the lookup dropdown because it is the 2nd column of the lookup view. Kailash Ramachandran has blogged about the solution for such a problem by removing the column only in the LayoutXml with the “Select Columns” option in the  View Designer tool in XrmToolBox . Another requirement with a similar problem is to hide the Path column in the associated view of the SharePoint documents in the model-driven app (as commented over here ). If the Path (relativelocation) column is removed from the view in the view designer, the grid control is not able to render anymore. As in

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