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Retrieve more than 100,000 Dataverse Rows with List Records Action in Cloud Flow Using Skip Token

Have you ever wondered what the Skip Token parameter in the List Records action of  Common Data Service (current environment) connector is for? In this post, I will explain how you can retrieve any number of rows, even more than 100,000 rows, by handling paging manually with the Skip Token  parameter. By default, the  List Records  action in Power Automate can retrieve up to 5,000 rows only from the Microsoft Dataverse environment. If you want to retrieve more than 5k rows, you can enable  Pagination in the Settings and set the  Threshold  setting with a value up to 100,000 as mentioned in  David Yack 's blog post . 100k is quite a lot of rows and in most cloud flows, it is hard to hit that maximum limit. The best approach is to use the Filter Query to filter out to the point that the data is manageable. But there are some exceptional cases where you might have to retrieve more than 100k rows (e.g. export the data out of the system as a file

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