This XrmToolBox tool allows you to check the solution import progress and the import output logs (developed by Riccardo Gregori).

The modern solution import experience in the maker portal runs asynchronously so that it does not show the progress bar like the classic solution import.
To view the progress of the last import job, you can use this tool to monitor and view the import output logs in a treeview interface.
  • Tool Information
  • Functionalities
    • Monitor the last solution import job (Fig. 1, Pt. 1)
      • View the import progress bar and percentage (Fig. 1, Pt. 2)
    • View the import output logs XML on enriched treeview interface (Fig. 1, Pt. 3)
    • Additionally, the tool can
      • Autorefresh every 5 seconds
      • Search the text in import output logs (Fig. 1, Pt. 4)
      • Show solution information and timestamps (Fig. 1, Pt. 5)
      • Show solution import timeline (Fig. 1, Pt. 6)

Fig. 1 - Solution Import Progress Monitor

This is part of the #TooLDR series where I test and review the tools for Power Platform. You can check out the information for the other tools on this page.


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