In-App Notification Builder

This XrmToolBox tool allows you to design your in-app notifications with live preview and generate the C#/JS code or parameters for Notification creation using Power Automate (developed by Ivan Ficko).

The in-app notification feature is currently still in preview and AllowNotificationsEarlyAccess app setting needs to be enabled (with JavaScript or a cloud flow). Even though the properties of the notification are documented in Microsoft Docs, styling the notification details with Markdown and adding action can be a bit daunting for citizen-developers who are not familiar with JSON.
To build in-app notifications with GUI, you can use this tool to click and choose the options available and set the properties of the notification, style the details and add the actions easily.
  • Tool Information
  • Documentation
  • Functionalities
    • Enable the in-app notification feature
      • Select the app to enable/disable the in-app notification feature (Fig. 1, Pt. 1)
      • View the current status of the in-app notification feature for the selected app and enable/disable the feature (Fig. 1, Pt. 2)
    • Build in-app notification
      • Set the title of the notification (Fig. 1, Pt. 5)
      • Set the details of the notification (Fig. 1, Pt. 9)
      • Change the notification behaviour (Timed or Hidden) (Fig. 1, Pt. 10)
      • Change the notification icon (Fig. 1, Pt. 11)
        • Select the custom notification icon (Fig. 1, Pt. 12)
      • Add/Edit/Delete actions (Fig. 1, Pt. 13) (Fig. 4)
      • Preview the notification (Fig. 1, Pt. 14)
    • Generate the C#/JS code or parameters for Notification creation using Power Automate (Fig. 1, Pt. 4)
      • Additionally, the tool can
        • Send the test in-app notification to the selected user (Fig. 1, Pt. 3) (Fig. 5)

      Fig. 1 - In-App Notification Builder

      Fig. 2 - Insert Link

      Fig. 3 - Insert Image

      Fig. 4 - Add or Update Action

      Fig. 5 - Send Test Notification

      This is part of the #TooLDR series where I test and review the tools for Power Platform. You can check out the information for the other tools on this page.


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