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Creating Lookup Attributes in CRM 2011/2013

Starting from MS CRM 2011, we are able to create lookup attributes from the list of Fields in the entity instead of creating from N:1 Relationships. We can still create the lookup attribute as in the old way by creating from N:1 relationship but here are the reasons why it is better to create the lookup attributes.

If you create from relationship, the Auditing of the attribute is “Disable” by default while the default value is “Enable” when the attribute is created from the list of Fields. In the projects that I designed and configured I usually keep Auditing enabled for all attributes and I just control the Auditing setting for the whole system or for each entity based on the requirement. (unless there is a requirement not to audit the specific attributes). So, if we happen to create some of the lookup attributes from the relationship, Auditing was left disabled and we might only realise until the audit history value of the specific lookup attribute is nowhere to be found. And at tha…