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Unsupported method for adding Calibri in email font selection of MSCRM 4.0/2011

Starting from Office 2007, Calibri became the default font and almost all the Outlook users just send out their mail with default font. So, for some organizations who send out email directly from CRM web client, they want an option to add the 'Calibri' font into CRM's font selection field in the email form and make it as the default font believing that it may result in a more consistent corporate image.
In order to achieve this, we've got to do unsupported modification of one aspx file in MS CRM application and so should only ever be used with caution.
This method is adding LOCID_HTMLBAR_DEFAULTFONTS in the aspx file to override the default values.

In CRM 4.0, we need to add the following line of code in "..\CRMWeb\Activities\email\edit.aspx" file.
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"> // INSERT THIS BLOCK LOCID_HTMLBAR_DEFAULTFONTS = "Calibri,Arial,Arial Black,Tahoma,Verdana,Garamond,Times New Roman,Couri…